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Being confronted with adversity in your life is inevitable. Just keep in mind that it does not have to defeat you. Adversity is often short lived. Giving up is what makes it permanent. As a certified fitness professional, this blog is my way of helping you feel capable of anything.

What IS Capable Fitness? It means asking your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you.

Don’t live your life in a bowl!

The answer is almost invariably YES! It really doesn’t matter what your age, your condition, your challenges, or what your problems are. Almost everyone is capable of some kind of exercise. It certainly doesn’t have to be hard core. If you can’t run, then try walking. If you can’t walk, get out with a wheelchair or a walker. Use a freaking cane if you have to! There aren’t many conditions you could have where exercise could not help you.

If your initial reaction to my words gives you a sudden urge to argue with me or present some insane scenario where my words would not be true, then I want you to resist that urge and just toddle off.


Yes, I am well aware that RA or any version of arthritis can make some exercises difficult. I can also provide you with study after study that shows exercise can HELP with this.  I’m also quite aware that complete body paralysis could certainly present some challenging road blocks. There are ways around that…just look at some of the very fulfilling lives these people live. I’m not sure about you, but I certainly was not provided with any documentation promising me a life devoid of struggles upon my birth. I checked with my mum a LONG time ago about that. So, if you still have an argument for me, you negative Nelly, I need you to take the last train to Clarksville and I WON’T meet you at the station…….because you’re all pessimistic, gloomy and shit.

Back off, bitch

I have learned that being fit and strong does not guarantee you safe passage through this life, but it sure as heck provides you with a solid foundation to get through some of the excrement that will likely get thrown at you. With this blog I want to share with you some of my own challenges and how I deal with them. The bulk of the topics will be about fitness and health, solidly based on my two decades of being a professional in the fitness industry, but I certainly plan to delve into other themes as well, such as my own battle with cancer.

Please take a look around my website and let me know what you think. I am interested in your opinion. I will also answer any questions you might have about your own health and fitness levels. If I don’t have the answers for you, I will reach out to my many, many contacts in the fitness world and get them for you.

I wish you a healthy life and the willingness to put in the work to achieve it. Think of it in the same terms you do with an RRSP or 401K. Doing work in the NOW, can help to ensure your future self can actively participate in life.

Participating. You’re doing it right!

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9 thoughts on “What IS Capable Fitness? It means asking your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you.

  1. Thank you, I needed some inspiration! I have always been naturally slim but with a muscular/stocky-ish build. After my cancer treatment I was down to 90 pounds (I usually weigh between 115-117.). I have finally re-gained all my weight back but everything feels squishy and uncomfortable and the weight has re-settled in strange ways. I needed this positive motivation to help me realize that I can get back in shape without being obsessed with getting my pre-cancer body back (which is impossible because my stomach was mangled in surgery). Thx u for sharing your great spirit!🌟🙏👏💫

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    1. Thank you for your comment. YES!! You can get back into shape and just be your new normal. That doesn’t mean it will not be as good, but simply just the way you are now. I am not thrilled with how my stomach looks now either. I have four lovely laparoscopic holes that a bikini cannot hide. Luckily the fifth and biggest one is below my bikini line. I’ve decided I don’t care though. I’m working hard to recover and if my flat stomach has some war wounds, so be it. Just be healthy…that is the main thing, non?


  2. Good sentiments, Gail. I have come to the conclusion that it really comes down to ‘use it or lose it.’ We are organic machines and need to take care of ourselves as such. Feed the machine good fuel and take it out and run it.

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    1. There are people out there, even fitness professionals like me, that want to make getting fit complicated. It’s not. As you point out: use it or lose it. Just a simple walk can be your jumping off point. I love that we have connected. Cheers!!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I have CFS and I used to be a gym bunny and do pole exercise – it’s frustrating that it’s dangerous for my health to exercise like I used to as I loved it so much but I found doing just the right amount of exercise during recovery has helped me a lot – now providing I rest there are times I can go on fairly long walks and nobody could tell I’m sick and I can sometimes run short distances, strength training is still out of the picture but I can whiz around my pole for a few minutes here and there and stretch and do some basic yoga sequences, even things like being able to carry heavy shopping I appreciate so much now. Whatever fitness level you’re at it’s so important to build yourself up slowly as rest in between workouts what makes you grow stronger 🙂

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