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Being confronted with adversity in your life is inevitable. Just keep in mind that it does not have to defeat you. Adversity is often short lived. Giving up is what makes it permanent. As a certified fitness professional, this blog is my way of helping you feel capable of anything.

If you are not a psychopath or an internet troll, this is the rather long bit that tells you all about me.

10710828_10152557159348778_1245890678941347922_nSo, I’m finally doing it. Blogging. Whooo, Hooooo. It’s something I have been encouraged to do for years by friends who find me weird hilarious as well as informative, and clients who wanted some inspirational words and a kick in the ass. I always hesitated mainly because I am very opinionated, brutally honest and have a tendency to go on rants. While I LOVE a good rant, it’s not everyone’s cup of steaming latte. However, if a rant is sometimes on the menu for you, then pull up a chair and enjoy. If not, you’d better get on your bike and pedal away. To be truthful, it took me getting diagnosed with colon cancer in September of 2015 to start this blog. My intention is not to have just another fitness blog. I write about fitness (duh!!), family, cancer and life.

I have been a bossy, but very keen, fitness professional for 25 years and counting. The reason I became a fitness instructor and personal trainer is because I love telling people what to do (and the whole helping people get fit thing as well). I have done pretty much everything from teaching group and individual fitness classes and sessions, presenting master classes to other fitness professionals and running a multi club group fitness program as a Director of Group Fitness. I am a Canadian Fitness Professional.

My current passion is running and I will talk endlessly about it if given even a small opportunity. I have also been known to brag about my age group placings in races.  I run for many reasons, but a significant one is my refusal to conform to my genetics. Obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer are ubiquitous throughout my bloodline. However, if I am being completely honest, I just do not want to look awful in my jeans.

I am a regular contributor to The Mighty. You can find all my articles here: I have also contributed to the UK based magazine, Like The Wind.

Dear readers: Are you a Facebook user? I invite you to go to my Capable Fitness with Gail Facebook page and click the “like” button. That LIKE button is right there on my cover picture of me and Seamus O’Malley.  You can instantly go there right now by clicking this: You’ll find doable exercises, delicious recipes, actionable fitness advice, inspirational messages and some laughs as well, all delivered to you on a daily basis. I’d love to have you on board as one of my “fans” and hearing what YOU would like to see on my page.

13 thoughts on “If you are not a psychopath or an internet troll, this is the rather long bit that tells you all about me.

  1. HI, Gail! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my posts on super-aging seniors, my Chicago Lakefront bike ride and the many benefits of walking an hour a day. As a former runner, I am enjoying my visit to yours. I have found that I enjoy riding my bike infinitely more than running. But, I know that running is better for the bones. It’s great that you love it so much.

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    1. I stopped by because Jim from Fit Recovery, a blog I read, wrote about your blog in a post about cycling with a light. You’ve got a great blog and I particularly like the fact that you understand the absolute connection between exercise and the brain. I’ve always preached that. Nice to find a kindred spirit.

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      1. Thank you so much. Very happy to make the connection with you. I must confess I envy your years of fitness work. I am new to it although an old guy. I wrote about markets over 20 years as a professional. This blog was my initiation into the health area. I am in my sixth year at this. Jim and I have shared lots on cycling.

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